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Management team
    Gao Lixing, vice president of strategic cooperation and business development: Workplace:Beijing

    She graduated from the nursing profession in 2002, and has been worked as a nursing professional for 11 years after graduation. She has served as a head nurse for 3 years. She joined the clinical trial industry in 2012, and has been engaged in CRC, CRA, regional manager and operation director. She has involved nearly 100 projects in the implementation and management, including cancer, endocrinology, neurology, Department of Cardiology, respiratory medicine, Department of orthopedics, and pediatrics.


    Since the 722 event in 2015, with the help of HJ American team and strong support from the chairman of the company, a professional ward CRC team has been set up. Colleagues have completed the related SOP. In 2017, according to the needs of the industry, the R & D department has completed the research and development of the subject management platform 。


    In 2014, because of the independence of the SMO team and the national policy, she was appointed as general manager of SMO, responsible for CRC team's related business management, including supporting BD's business development and maintenance, internal team training, project and personnel accusation, etc. her team covers more than 40 cities across the country, totaling over 200 people, 80% for health care medicine, 80% undergraduate and above.


    In December 2018, she was transferred to vice president of strategic cooperation and business development due to work needs.

    Fuzhang Wang, vice president and general manager of US subsidiary. Workplace: New Jersey (USA)

    John (Fuzhang) Wang, M.D., Ph.D., an American Chinese, medical doctor and scientist, has worked at the University of Kansas Medical Center, Cleveland Clinic, Lineberger Cancer Center  of UNC Chapel Hill and David H. Murdoch Institute with dozens of academic papers in prestigious international journals.


    He has a wealth of basic and clinical knowledge and skills, especially in immunology and virology, hematology, infectious diseases, diabetes and metabolic syndrome. He has decades of basic pharmacology and clinical drug development experience, decades of gene (including RNA chip analysis, DNA sequencing and comparison, RNA and DNA quantification, expression regulation, etc.), protein and cytology research experience. He has rich writing and teaching experience in Chinese and English, and has attended dozens of national or international academic conferences.

    Wang Yanni, director of data management department wokrplace:Beijing

    Wang Yanni, who has a medical qualification certificate, has worked in Quanhui medical equipment, Mercedes pharmaceuticals, and Hongde medical clinical research Co., Ltd.


    Since 2010, it has been working as a data management department. She has led all aspects of data management in international multi center clinical trial projects. She has worked with data management teams such as the United States to optimize workflow and develop and improve data management standards.


    Familiar with all aspects of clinical data items, including data entry, verification, and project meetings. The division of labor, process, quality and coordination with other personnel in the project will support all aspects of data management in the project, including CRF auditing, data verification planning, data entry, verification, external data consistency checking, and database locking.

    Zhao Ning, director of clinical operations,workplace: eijing

    Zhao Ning, master of pharmacology of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Mini MBA of central Europe, has worked for over 20 years. He has been engaged in clinical trials since 2012. It involves a number of pre  and post marketing clinical trials.


    It has worked in famous enterprises such as Roche, Johnson, Mercedes and three yuan gene. Working experience in clinical trials covers: project planning and budgeting, compiling project plan, researcher's manual, ICF, CRF, blinding scheme, medication management related documents, writing and managing research schedule, flow chart, screening list and specimen collection SOP, transshipment, registration, report and other related documents, ethics submission and various centers' initiation, monitoring, SAE Write a doctor's advice and medical record template, write monitoring plans and reports, etc.


    Now he is director of clinical operation Department

    Chen Di, Ph.D., chief statistician of the company,workplace:USA

    Dr. Chen Di is an internationally known biometrics expert. He received his doctorate from the State University of North Carolina. Dr. Chen is the biostatistics director of Johnson pharmaceuticals, one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. He has 20 years experience in clinical statistical analysis. He has published many clinical statistics research articles in famous magazines. He led the completion of the clinical I, II, III phase test and the drug equivalent BE test statistical analysis of more than 100, including the test design, statistical method establishment and selection, statistical algorithm, SAP statistical analysis plan, statistics related document SDTM/ADaM writing. And has a wealth of statistical analysis of CRO outsourcing experience, including: PK / PD, ISS, ISE, cancer research and submission (FDA and EMEA) biometric reporting experience.

    Chai Hao Li, vice president of the company, workplace: USA

    Master of computer science, Chinese American, is the most famous statistical analysis programming expert in the United States. He graduated from Temple University, master of computer science, Temple University. Mr. Chai is the world famous DVI Reporting System statistical analysis report SAS programming system creator, SAS macro international standard setter. He is the sponsor and leader of SAS Club in the United States. The organization is made up of the elite in the American clinical trial statistical analysis industry. It is famous throughout the United States. Chai has set up a statistical analysis programming system for many world-famous pharmaceutical companies, and has compiled a number of important macro Macro systems. These include Merck Mercedes, Johnson&Johnson Johnson, SmithKline Sino American SK, Amgen Amgen, Novartis Novartis, AstraZeneca AstraZeneca, Shire, Cephalon medicine company. He is a top expert in I, II, III phase clinical trials, BE research, cancer research, CDISC standardization, SDTM/ADaM document establishment, SAS programming, and TFL statistical reports. Mr. Chai has nearly thirty years of experience in statistical analysis and programming of clinical trials.

    Chen Cheng, Senior Consultant (vice president level), Department of Biostatistics, location: USA

    Chen Cheng, a Chinese American, Ph.D. in epidemiology and health statistics, an associate professor, and a senior consultant in the Department of Biostatistics. He graduated from Peking University Health Science Center and has a Ph.D. in epidemiology and health statistics from China's Center for disease control. After graduation, he worked in the China Center for Disease control and prevention. In 2009, it won the three prize in science and technology of China Preventive Medicine Association. Many times in the WHO, France, South Korea, South Africa and other places for further training and training. He has been engaged in epidemiology and health statistics for a long time, and is proficient in the related statistical techniques and methods related to clinical trials such as sample size calculation, program design, blind random method, and pharmacoeconomic evaluation.