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Management team
    Fanqiang Meng, M.D., President and CEO. Workplaces: Beijing (China), New Jersey (USA)

    Dr. Fanqiang Meng, born in March 1962, was a professor of psychiatry/clinical psychology and tutor of postgraduate students and vice president of the Sixth Hospital of Peking University. He serves as the president and CEO of H&J (Shanghai) Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. (H&J CRO International, Inc., He graduated from Shandong Medical College in 1983 and had worked as a resident psychiatrist, chief physician, associate professor and professor of psychiatry in the Institute of Mental Health of Beijing Medical University/WHO Teaching and Training Base (now the Sixth Hospital of Peking University).

    He had also studied psychiatry at Johns Hopkins University (USA), Mosley Hospital of University of London (UK), and Catholic University of Leuven Medical College (Belgium).

    He had served as the deputy director and the director of Clinical Psychology Department, Institute of Mental Health, Beijing Medical University, Vice Dean of the Sixth Hospital of Beijing Medical University, the International Research Consultant on Depression and Somatoform Disorders of the World Health Organization (WHO) and had participated or organized many international multi-center studies from 1996 to 2000. He is an expert on design, CRF table compilation, clinical trial processes, clinical statistical methods and the management and analysis of clinical trial data. He joined the industry and worked sequentially as the chief consultant of clinical science of PHARMACIA, Pfizer China from 2000 and in 2003, he co-founded H&J CRO International Inc. and has participated in the design of more than 800 phase I-IV clinical trials including 14 trials approved by FDA of USA.

    Min Zheng, Bachelor of Economics. Vice President. Work Place: Beijing, USA

    Min Zheng had worked at Johnson & Johnson Group Pharmaceutical Company - Xi'an Yangsen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., from 1993 to 2003. She co-founded H&J CRO International Inc. in 2003.

    She graduated from Beijing University of Technology in 1992 and had studied at the National University of Singapore (Singapore) and the Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium). She worked at the marketing department of Xi'an Yangsen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. as a marketing commissioner, responsible for promotional activities of marketing, communication and coordination of medical experts, and organized many large-scale domestic and international academic seminars which had been highly praised by experts in the field of medicine. She was soon promoted to product manager responsible for formulating and implementing pharmaceutical product strategies. Later on, she served as a medical manager and participated in and organized many conferences and international multi-center trials and had become an expert with a rich experience on clinical trial design, clinical trial processes and project management. In 2003, she left Yangsen Company and co-founded H&J CRO International Inc. and has worked as the vice president in charge of business development. She participated in and directed the tendering of over 800 clinical research projects and witnessed the arduous process of Chinese domestic clinical trials from start to maturation and meeting the international standards.

    Heyi Liu, Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering, Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Workplace: Beijing

    Heyi Liu, CFO of H&J (Shanghai) Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd., has worked in industry for 18 years and has been engaged in accounting management for more than 7 years. He has worked with the company's department leaders, CEO, president, etc. to participate in the decision-making and the implementation of the strategic layouts and capture of business opportunities through studies of capital activities, cost control, cash flow management, financial statements, financial analysis plans and forecasts.


    He has the ability to identify and assess risks, including decision-making risks, financial risks, political risks, environmental risks, operating risks and financial risks. This ability has qualified him to say NO” on critical issues.


    Xu Donglu, Senior Vice President, the GM of Beijing Novotrial Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. Work Place: Beijing

    Mr. Xu Donglu will be fully responsible for NASDAQ listing and SMO management. Report directly to President Meng Fanqiang and the Board of Directors.


    Xu Donglu received his undergraduate degree from the Japanese Department of the North Beijing Institute of International Relations in 1990. After graduation, he served as the Secretary of the Consulate Department of the Japanese Embassy in China. In 1998, he went to Meiji University in Japan to study and obtained a Master of Business Administration (MBA).


    After returning to China, he has successively served as assistant president of Minsheng Investment Credit Guarantee Co., Ltd., executive vice president of Drente Digital Imaging Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd., and general manager of Drente Medical Technology (Wuhan) Co., Ltd.


    Xu Donglu has accumulated rich industry experience, project reserve and deep human resources in the fields of medical treatment, medicine and general health through years of practice in the medical industry. He has personally planned and implemented many investment projects in this field, and has rich experience in mergers and acquisitions and industry integration. It has not only the financing experience of start-up companies, in-depth understanding of the real needs of both sides of investment and financing, but also rich experience in industrial team management.

    Chen Dong, General Manager of Miyakang, Beijing, China

    Chen Dong, MD, MBA, CCRP, PMP, has 27 years of working experience, from the Institute of Medical Information, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, to the Pharmacology Teaching and Research Group of Xiangya Medical University, to Famasia, Shutaishen Pharmaceutical Industry, Ottawa Hospital Clinical Research Institution (OHRI), and finally to become a PPD, senior training expert in Asia-Pacific Region, and general manager of Beijing Miyakang Technology Co., Ltd. Along the way, accumulated a large number of CRA, CRC and clinical trial project management training experience.

    International Project Management Certificate, Six Sigma-Green Belt and International Clinical Trial Expert Certificate

    Wang Qingsong, General Manager of Early Clinical Trials Department Workplace:Chengdu

    Wang Qingsong, General Manager of Humboleqiang's Early Clinical Trials Division, is involved in the first human trials of new drugs, drug interactions, drug material balance, pharmacokinetics of special populations and bioequivalence tests.


    In 2004, he graduated from the Pharmacology Department of Sichuan Institute of Antibiotics Industry. So far, I have been working in the pharmaceutical research and development industry for 13 years. During this period, I have been engaged in pre-clinical pharmacology and toxicology, new drug registration and clinical trials, familiar with the domestic new drug research and development process and drug registration regulations. I have participated in more than ten new drug projects, including chemical drugs, natural drugs, therapeutic protein drugs and gene therapy products.

    In 2010, he began to work on clinical trial management, including the formulation of product clinical development strategy, the construction of clinical research team and the promotion of clinical trials. Clinical trials cover the treatment of tumors, diabetes, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, osteoporosis and assisted reproduction. The organization has formulated the overall development strategy of clinical research on anti-osteoporosis drugs, implemented and promoted clinical trials according to the strategy, verified that the clinical trials achieved the main curative effect indicators, and now declared the new drug certificate. In bioequivalence test, more than 20 projects have been organized and participated, including oral routine preparations, long half-life drugs and highly variable drugs.

    Zhu Yongmei, Company Project Management Consultant (Vice President level) Work Location: Beijing

    Zhu graduated from the Pharmaceutical College of Shanghai Second Military Medical University in 1984. She was certified as a licensed pharmacist in 2000. She graduated from the EMBA course of Innovative Marketing Management of the Pharmaceutical Industry of Renmin University of China.

    Zhu has worked in clinical pharmacy for 12 years in PLA General Hospital, sales management and medical support for 7 years in Sanofi Company, France, and has successively served as Director of Medical Marketing Department of Antineoplastic Pharmaceutical Business Department of Hainan Chang'an International Pharmaceutical and Stone Pharmaceutical Group. Zhu has rich experience in market development, promotion and medical support of cardiovascular and antineoplastic products.


    I wish General Zhu to enter the pharmaceutical training and management consulting industry six years ago, organize and carry out training on hospital management contents of medical institutions, participate in consulting projects of marketing management system of listed pharmaceutical enterprises, guide listed pharmaceutical enterprises to establish clinical trial training system, and carry out professional training and training for drug research and development institutions, CRO/SMO and hospital drug clinical trial institutions on many occasions. Consulting service. With rich experience in all aspects mentioned above, she is a senior expert in this field.

    Chen Ying, Vice President,Workplace:Nanjing

    Chen has more than ten years'experience in business management and is in charge of BD work in the whole company. Responsible for representing the company's international and domestic business development, introducing and promoting the company's service products; managing and maintaining the team building of the business sector and achieving annual goals; timely communication with sponsors and management, selecting potential project locations and investigators, and preliminary budget assessment.


    Familiar with GCP international standards and regulations and good knowledge of phase I IV clinical trials; good knowledge of clinical trials; good interpersonal communication skills, as well as logic, analysis and problem solving skills; honesty, hard work, clear thinking, self-motivation, strong enthusiasm for business work.

    Huo Hongjian, Master of Management Research and Development Center, Beijing

    After graduating from Beijing University of Chemical Technology in 2000, he has been engaged in information system development for 6 years. In 2009, he received a master's degree in Business Administration from Chinese Academy of Sciences and engaged in financial data analysis for 5 years. It mainly involves information system development, data management, data analysis, model development (asset risk, retail model) and team building.


    He has successively served as project manager of Tianzheng R&D Department of Peking University, R&D manager of Xu Ji Electric (Beijing), project manager of Computer Center of National Audit Administration, and director of data and Information Department of Dongfang Asset Management Company.


    In 2012, he joined Humboleqiang and was responsible for the work of the Department of Statistics, the Department of Statistical Procedure and the Innovation Center. He chaired and participated in the statistical analysis of a number of early clinical trials and domestic clinical trials in the United States, including: more than 20 clinical research and development projects of new drugs in the United States, 2 new drugs in China, 5 phase IV projects, and more than 20 instruments in the field of cancer, CNS, endocrine, and painstaking efforts. Tubes, analgesics, instruments, of which tumors are the most common.


    In terms of innovative research and development, more than a dozen software copyrights and patents have been applied, and many automation systems have been developed, which have been applied to practical clinical projects. The automation systems include: automatic random reporting system, laboratory data automatic input system, automated graphics system, automatic data verification system, Patient Profiles system, BE-PK automatic analysis system, automated reporting system. Unification.

    Sheng Wei, vice president, workplace: Shanghai

    “Turning Science into Performance”

    20 years of successful experience in the field of medicine, marketing and clinical work of well-known multinational companies, to better serve every step of your products from from to Bench (to Bedside), and to achieve personalized solutions from clinical research to brand promotion.

    Sheng Wei graduated from Shanghai Medical University and became a surgeon. He won the hospital skills competition and commended the first year of his work. In order to find ways to relieve the pain of more patients, in 1998, he joined the Mercedes, the world's largest pharmaceutical company, as a medical information specialist to provide clinical experts with research information and solutions in the field of anti infection and respiratory research.

    In 2002, Sheng Wei joined the Pfizer Inc medical department as a product doctor. He was in charge of Pfizer's respiratory, anti infective and anti-inflammatory products, and all the medical work before and after the listing in China. In 2006, in order to change the dilemma of brand promotion at that time, he was transferred to be the brand manager of the marketing department. After leaving Pfizer in 2009, Sheng Wei successively worked as a market leader in UCB, Abbott and other European and American multinationals, as the market leader in the company's primary strategic therapeutic area, reformulated the brand strategy with Chinese characteristics and won global headquarters recognition and additional resources input; set up a marketing team, and led cross Department teams such as sales, medicine, registration, and training performance, in the central nervous system, in the Department of gynaecology. In the field of secretion, anti allergy, pediatric respiratory and anti-virus, the brand has been rebuilt successfully, and it has achieved a rapid increase in sales volume of similar products.