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Management team
    Fanqiang Meng, M.D., President and CEO. Workplaces: Beijing (China), New Jersey (USA)

    Dr. Fanqiang Meng, born in March 1962, was a professor of psychiatry/clinical psychology and tutor of postgraduate students and vice president of the Sixth Hospital of Peking University. He serves as the president and CEO of H&J (Shanghai) Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. (H&J CRO International, Inc., He graduated from Shandong Medical College in 1983 and had worked as a resident psychiatrist, chief physician, associate professor and professor of psychiatry in the Institute of Mental Health of Beijing Medical University/WHO Teaching and Training Base (now the Sixth Hospital of Peking University).

    He had also studied psychiatry at Johns Hopkins University (USA), Mosley Hospital of University of London (UK), and Catholic University of Leuven Medical College (Belgium).

    He had served as the deputy director and the director of Clinical Psychology Department, Institute of Mental Health, Beijing Medical University, Vice Dean of the Sixth Hospital of Beijing Medical University, the International Research Consultant on Depression and Somatoform Disorders of the World Health Organization (WHO) and had participated or organized many international multi-center studies from 1996 to 2000. He is an expert on design, CRF table compilation, clinical trial processes, clinical statistical methods and the management and analysis of clinical trial data. He joined the industry and worked sequentially as the chief consultant of clinical science of PHARMACIA, Pfizer China from 2000 and in 2003, he co-founded H&J CRO International Inc. and has participated in the design of more than 800 phase I-IV clinical trials including 14 trials approved by FDA of USA.

    Min Zheng, Bachelor of Economics. Vice President. Work Place: Beijing, USA

    Min Zheng had worked at Johnson & Johnson Group Pharmaceutical Company - Xi'an Yangsen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., from 1993 to 2003. She co-founded H&J CRO International Inc. in 2003.

    She graduated from Beijing University of Technology in 1992 and had studied at the National University of Singapore (Singapore) and the Catholic University of Leuven (Belgium). She worked at the marketing department of Xi'an Yangsen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. as a marketing commissioner, responsible for promotional activities of marketing, communication and coordination of medical experts, and organized many large-scale domestic and international academic seminars which had been highly praised by experts in the field of medicine. She was soon promoted to product manager responsible for formulating and implementing pharmaceutical product strategies. Later on, she served as a medical manager and participated in and organized many conferences and international multi-center trials and had become an expert with a rich experience on clinical trial design, clinical trial processes and project management. In 2003, she left Yangsen Company and co-founded H&J CRO International Inc. and has worked as the vice president in charge of business development. She participated in and directed the tendering of over 800 clinical research projects and witnessed the arduous process of Chinese domestic clinical trials from start to maturation and meeting the international standards.

    Shuting Li,Professor, General Manager of Hospital Management Business Department,Vice President of Anhui Province Jimin Cancer Research Institute

    The member of the DIA and ISPE advisory committee in China locale, vice president of the league of GCP in China, the founder of “Chinese CRC’s family; the general director of GCP center in Cancer Hospital, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences. Starting to engage in works of Ethics Committee in clinical research on antitumor drugs Since the year of 1996, she is the one of the first to implement GCP, understand and master the policies and regulations for the clinical research of anti-tumor new drugs, as are the national and foreign specifications and procedures. Had reviewed all kinds of clinical research protocol and ICFs over one thousand projects and engaged in new drug protocol design in clinical study over 100 projects.

    Xiaodong Zhou, HJ general manager Work Place:Nanjing

    Ten years of training as a clinician in a tertiary hospital has built up a solid foundation in clinical diagnosis and treatment.  Had 20 years of experiences in pharmaceutical marketing and had ever served in several domestic first-class pharmaceutical enterprises as the product manager, chief medical manager, marketing director, and vice president respectively. Having experience with a variety of marketing models and market segments of the successful brand operation, Xiaodong had become a successful market planner and manager in the pharmaceutical industry. On the other hand, he also had well reputation and influences in cancer, liver disease, mental disease and other fields, no matter with the specialist or the marketing channel.  

    Qiuyu Qian,H&J assistant president, and the executive general manager in hospital management.

    H&J assistant president, and the executive general manager in hospital management.

    Lina Pan,H&J Vice President and the executive general manager in hospital management.

    H&J Vice President and the executive general manager in hospital management.

    Lili Wang,Master’s degree in medicine, the general manager of SMO business department

    Master’s degree in medicine, the general manager of SMO business department

    Shunling Jiang

    Former Phase I patient room designer and head nurse in Cancer Hospital, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences. The core staff in Phase I clinical trial team, led by the academician Yan Sun; Had thirty years rich experiences in Phase I clinical operation.   

    Fenglian Qu,Expert in tumor cancer field.

    The former Chief physician of internal Medicine, in Cancer Hospital, Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences. 

    H&J Principal Senior Medical Consultant

    Mingming Liu,H&J vice president, dedicated in project operation, EMBA.

    H&J vice president, dedicated in project operation, EMBA.  Bachelor’s degree, graduated from Beijing Medical University. Involved in CTO works over 20 years in Beijing Medical University EMBA, Merck, AstraZeneca, Paraxel etc.